·         “Breve reseña de la Trompa en España” (Juan José Llimerá)

·         "Morfología de la Trompa" (Ramón Cueves )

·         “The valsalva mechanism: a key to understanding and controlling stuttering” (William D. Parry)

·         Le cor dans les symphonies de Brahms (Claude Maury)

·         Le système ascendant en France "des débuts jusqu'au cor double" (Michel Garcin-Marrou)  

·         Brahms' Horn Trio: Background and analysis for performers (Joshua Garett) 

·         The persistence of the natural horn in the romantic period (K.C.Moore) 

·         The history and pedagogy of Jacques-François Gallay's non-measured preludes for horn, op. 27, Nos. 21-40 (Scott Russell)

·         The 19th-Century Horn. An online book on the history and performing techniques of the horn from the natural horn to the double horn (John Ericson)

·         Nodal Venting on the Baroque Horn (Richard Seraphinoff)

·         Early Horn Mouthpieces (Richard Seraphinoff)

·         Elias (Eduard Constantin) Lewy and the First Performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (Theodore Albrecht)

·         "Freench-horn playing causes blood pressure to rise"  (Laura Gordon)

·         "Vibrato"  (Thomas Bacon)

·         "Esercizio ed efficienza"  (Lowell Greer)

·         "Suono e vocali"  (Lowell Greer)

·         "36° simposio internazionale IHS di Valencia" (Gabriele Rocchetti


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